Sunday, August 26, 2007


So, while playing with the W52S and writing reports for that blog, I got curious...

Turns out I was wrong about some things on the 42, AND uncovered something rather exciting!

1: Music - Using AMP, you can load music to the phone memory, without an external memory card installed. Thus, you dont NEED card for music. Loading via Sonic Stage (thus allowing mp3 files, since AMP will only convert .wma and .m4a files to attrak), you still need the mem card. Music shows up in the auMusic menu as seperate entries for the phone or mem stick.

2: VIDEO! - yes.. full movies. Convert them with Sony Image Converter 2 or 3. Copy them to the memory stick IO folder. Then, on the phone, go to "external memory, PC folder" select the movie file, hit option, then select copy/move to memory stick/phone. When the folder locator comes up, select "File corresponding" Then, watch the move by browsing the memstic or phone's Data folder.. You will see a new entry "EZmovie"