Thursday, January 18, 2007

Japanese CD on American Sonic Stage

A minor problem if you happen to own Japanese CDs (or music with UUencoded file names):

American Sonic Stage will not be able to read those file names. Thus, it can not load the onto the phone. I am thinking of a way around this...


Anonymous said...

Easy fix, rip the CD to your hard drive using windows media player, find the folder it is saved to and just rename the original files into romaji (make it a copy if you want to keep the original in japanese) you must also get rid of any wierd symbols or characters, for example: "DJ OZMA - アゲ♂アゲ♂EVERY☆騎士 M-ON" must be renamed to "DJ OZMA - Age Age Everynight". From there sonic stage will then be able to transfer it to your mem stick.

MRE said...

Yeah, that was my first plan actually. You DO have to look at the TAGS as well. Just fixing the file name WILL get the files to transfer, but the phone reads the tags.. and for some lame ass reason, it wont transfer the tag data uuencoded. It ends up being Os and blocks and crap. So, you have to manually edit the tags with some sort of tag editor a well. (I go to the band's web site, and use babbelfish to translate the track list into engrish).

I was just.. really hoping for a more elegant solution. Unfortunately, English SS doesnt give a crap about supporting uu.. and Japanese SS doesnt give a crap about translating the program.. sigh.

MRE said...

That is to say.. the song will play even with bad tag data.. but I have no clue what Im playing... so I edit all the tags as well as the file names.

Arnold F. said...

Yeah it happens the same for me. I have the w51s and non-japanese sony vaio winxp, so it has the SS soft in spanish. I own several japanese cds (remioromen, spitz, asian kung fu gen) and SS only shows "?????" whenever any info using characters other than alphabet is displayed(I had a w800 and can't believe the disc2phone soft could display kana and some kanji but this crap doesn't!). Also you mentioned before you could make the au music port (lismo) to work, I have installed it on my pc and it works, can check the music library on the hd and so, but when I try to connect the keitai it always come up with the error F7A01010F, which, with the help of babelfish, I read it is a connectivity issue, au music port can't recognize the keitai (even I could pass the initial screen of the aMP station- username and so-), do you have the same error message or can actually make the music port to recognize the keitai? Thanks for your blog, it's a great help.

MRE said...

Arnold: Check the recent blogs and comments about toggling Japanese language support. You need to tell your computer to turn Japanese to play those games ;)

For the connectivity issue, I dont know why it would not work. Perhaps you do not have your correct lock code? AU will fail to connect without the password, but I dont know what the message looks like, as I have always had the correct code. I will see what I can find out.. no promisses!

MRE said...

Arnold: I just junked my config file to start from scratch, and .. oopsies!! I cant get AMP to connect to my phone either!!! I think it was the same message code as well.
I put in my personal lock code and it still didn' work.
But, I remembered the factory code!! 1234
Try that instead of your own lock code. It worked on mine. Somehow, MY code got overwritten (during automatic update?).

Anonymous said...

i've read all the instruction here, but i just can't install the programme. they said that the language wasn't right.

MRE said...


During installation, you may need to setthe default input language to Japanese.

Go to Control Panel, double click Regonal and Language Options.

Click the Languages tab, click Details.

In the popup, click Settings, and from the pull down menu select Japanese and ok.

You then need to do a reboot. Your desktop will still be in english, but applications will be Japanese. Install the software. After installation, change the input langague back to English.

Also, in the Advanced tab, select Japanese for Language for non-Unicode programs.

Finally, reboot again.